AUK Self-Sustaining Indoor Garden Review

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AUK smart indoor gardening system

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In the world of indoor gardening, the AUK self-sustaining indoor garden stands out as a revolutionary product. Designed for eco-conscious urban dwellers, this garden brings the joys of greenery into the comfort of your home.

We had the pleasure of testing this unit and are excited to share our experience.

This review is based on our hands-on experience with the AUK Smart Garden. The opinions expressed here are solely ours and not influenced by any external factors. While we did receive a review unit for evaluation purposes, we have not received any compensation or incentives in exchange for this review. AUK has had no editorial involvement in the creation or content of this review. Our aim is to provide an unbiased and honest assessment of the product based on our first-hand experience.

Embracing Organic Growth

The AUK self-sustaining indoor garden is not just a tool for growing plants; it’s a gateway to a more sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle. One of the most significant advantages of this system is its ability to grow organic herbs and produce.

By cultivating your own greens, you’re assured of pesticide-free, herbicide-free, and completely organic produce. This not only contributes to healthier eating but also reduces the environmental impact associated with commercial farming practices.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Growing your own food can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. By minimizing reliance on store-bought produce, which often involves long-distance transportation, you’re contributing to lower carbon emissions. The AUK garden, being an indoor system, also negates the need for the land and resources typically required in traditional gardening, making it a greener choice for urban dwellers.

Minimizing Waste

The AUK garden promotes a zero-waste lifestyle. You grow only what you need, which means there’s less food waste compared to buying excess produce that might spoil. Additionally, the system’s self-sustaining nature conserves water and reduces the waste associated with over-watering and runoff.

Encouraging Eco-Education

Using the AUK garden can be an educational experience, especially for those new to gardening. It teaches the principles of sustainable living and the importance of being environmentally responsible. This awareness often extends beyond gardening, inspiring users to adopt more eco-friendly practices in other areas of their lives.

Long-Term Sustainability

The AUK garden’s durable design ensures that it’s a long-term investment for your home. Unlike disposable gardening tools or short-lived plants, this garden is built to last, meaning less waste and more years of sustainable living.

Review of the AUK Indoor Garden

Ease of Setup and Use

Upon receiving the AUK garden, its simplicity was immediately apparent. The setup was a breeze, thanks to the clear instructions. Even a novice gardener like myself found the process straightforward. Initially, I overdid it with the arugula seeds, but quickly learned the importance of adhering to the recommended seed quantity. This little hiccup aside, the garden has been remarkably self-reliant.

Below are some photos that illustrate how easy it was to set up:

AUK gardening components
These are the components that came with the AUK system
AUK gardening system setting up
Setting up the AUK system
AUK nutrient system
The AUK nutrient system that was easy to install
AUK smart chip
The AUK smart chip that determines optimal growing conditions
AUK gardening system at night
The AUK growing system lighting at night
AUK growing system
The AUK growing system with water tank in place

Smart Technology and Growth Optimization

What sets the AUK garden apart is its smart technology. When you are growing herbs or plants, all you do is place a ‘smart chip’ on the sensor and it automatically recognized the type of produce you are growing and automatically optimizes the amount of light, water, and nutrients that will help it grow. It does this by sensors in the soil.

It intuitively adjusts hydration, fertilization, and lighting based on the plants’ needs. The light system adapts its duration and intensity to different growth stages, promoting healthy development. However, I noticed that some herbs like arugula grew faster than others, occasionally overshadowing slower growers like basil.

AUK growing seeds

Design and Aesthetic

The AUK garden is a stylish addition to any space. While it looks great on a kitchen countertop, the constant light might be better suited for a different room, especially if you prefer a darker environment for relaxation or sleep.

Versatility and Limitations

One of the product’s limitations is its inability to simultaneously optimize the growth of both vegetables and herbs. Separate tabs for herbs, greens, and other plants like tomatoes and peppers mean you have to choose what to grow at any given time.

Maintenance and Independence

The garden is remarkably low-maintenance. After the initial setup, it requires minimal involvement, save for occasional water tank refills.

AUK herb growing
This is the AUK after only 2 days! As you can see, the arugula grew faster than other herbs

It’s a dream for those who have struggled with over or under-watering plants in the past.


  • Set and Forget: Once set up, the garden requires little to no attention.
  • Design: Aesthetically pleasing and suitable for any modern kitchen.
  • Ease for Beginners: Ideal for those without a green thumb.
  • Indoor Flexibility: Grows plants in any indoor setting, regardless of natural light availability.
  • Automated Care: Self-watering and fertilizing system.
  • Quick Results: Plants start growing within days.
  • Foolproof: The system minimizes the chances of gardening errors.


  • Uneven Growth: Some plants can overshadow and outpace others – this isn’t the fault of the AUK system, but rather that certain greens grow faster than others and because I over-planted arugula it overtook other areas
  • Bright Light: Can be bright if placed in central living spaces
  • Additional Requirements: Different accessories needed for various plants.
  • Space Consumption: Requires a fair amount of countertop or floor space.

Ideal For

  • Eco-conscious individuals seeking a sustainable way to grow produce.
  • Those wanting to add a green touch to their living spaces.
  • People seeking organic, pesticide-free food sources.
  • Urban dwellers lacking outdoor gardening space or natural light.
AUK indoor herb garden
AUK Indoor Garden after 2 weeks of growing


The AUK self-sustaining indoor garden is a marvel of modern gardening technology. It’s perfect for those looking to dip their toes into gardening without the commitment of constant care. While it has its limitations, its benefits far outweigh them, making it a worthy investment for eco-friendly, sustainable living.

I will continue to provide updates on how the AUK has performed and how we have used it to grow fresh, organic produce in our kitchen! We hope to try the Tomato and Pepper growth kit next!

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