Cookbook Review: Healthier Gluten Free by Lisa Howard

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healthier gluten free cookbook

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Cookbook author Lisa Howard is a popular culinary speaker who helps people understand and evaluate health aspects of their food intake. She is creative and fun as a cooking instructor and during her classes in Detroit and other locations, she emphasizes on using whole foods in cooking.

Her recipes — available both online and in cookbooks — are completely gluten free and use unrefined sugar and unprocessed ingredients. In her cookbook, Healthier Gluten Free, she explains in detail the benefits of recipes containing natural grains and zero filler which improve health and also allow people to enjoy their favorite foods.

Every recipe has a note or tip about a particular ingredient or style of cooking which makes it interesting for readers as they can use this in future.

healthier gluten free cookbook

About Healthier Gluten Free Cookbook

When readers go through its list of gluten free items, they may feel disappointed to see that a majority of their store bought gluten free items are not as healthy as they thought. They have recipes which do not use products like white rice, potato starch, xanthan gum and starchy flours and instead focus on natural gluten free products. Lisa’s recipes in this book discuss about ways to cook wholesome meals to retain nutrients which keeps families healthy.

The book is unique in nature as it educates readers about distinguishing between nutrient-less foods and healthy ingredients so that they can use them to cook nutritious meals for their family.

It speaks about using healthy grains like brown rice, quinoa and whole wheat along with healthy fats and binding agents like coconut oil, eggs, and avocado and nut butter options. Sweeteners suggested by Lisa Howard in this healthy cookbook include maple syrup, molasses and honey which can be used to make homemade cookies and other baked items out of almond flour, coconut flour and also millet flour.

Making health food is interesting – and so is Lisa Howard’s cookbook, as it encourages readers to experiment with recipes and ingredients to make them healthy and tasty. To make people try out lean meat and whole grains she brings out the nutritional value of each recipe to make the cooking process fun and delightful.

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