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WOOED is a San Francisco based company that fashions interesting items out of reclaimed wood and sells them online to discerning buyers. Their catalog contains attractive cufflinks and sunglass frames which are unique as they are handmade and refined to bring out fine wooden grains.

These attractive frames have a unique pattern and texture making them collector items for buyers who are environmentally-conscious.


About WOOED Sunglasses

WOOED’s sunglasses are unique pieces designed out of solid reclaimed wood available in varied varieties like Rosewood, Padauk, Cocobolo, Zebra Wood and black walnut. They are:

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Priced lower than branded sunglasses between $90 – $295
  • Sold in boxes with pull string fabric bags
  • Specially designed sunglasses for adventure loving surfers are designed out of bamboo and float on water making them easily recoverable.

Each piece is unique and handmade from designing the pieces to putting the frame together.



The Unique Concept of WOOED Sunglasses

The firm works with several craftsmen and designers to keep their products attractive and eye catching so that they can be worn by young and older generation alike. They are rightly designed for travelers and people on the go as they are light and water resistant and do not break easily.They work with online communities like to get involved in socially relevant projects. Since WOOED glasses are handmade, they also support communities of craftsmen and designers through this business plan.

WOOED’s founders have made a promise to themselves to plant one tree for every pair of their wooden sunglasses which are sold through stores or online.


The Social Responsibility of Using Reclaimed Wood

Their idea of using reclaimed wood for designing a fashion accessory has caught the fancy of youngsters and environmentally-responsible people. Their creations bring out the history and attractiveness of these reclaimed materials which would otherwise be sent to a landfill.

These glasses are biodegradable since they are made of wood though they are as durable as any others made out of hard plastic or metal.


Other products from WOOED

WOOED wood cufflinks

Besides the cufflinks which are already in their product line, WOOED is also planning to produce money clips though their main focus will be on fashionable sunglasses.

The unique product that started out as an experimental business plan has today become a fashion fad among designers and creative people.

WOOED frames are now available to buy online in a variety of fashionable colors.

Click here to shop WOOED products on Amazon.

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