Book Review: Prefabulous World by Sheri Koones

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Disclaimer: I am automatically biased toward anything that is supported by Robert Redford. Seriously though, this is a really beautifully made book that made me consider new methods of building and sustaining our world.

More than just an illustration of how beautiful prefab homes can be, Prefabulous World showcases homes that are eco-friendly in many other ways as well. One home that is presented is a modern open-air canopy on an island in Australia that uses a moveable roof to collect rainwater and control airflow. Another is a farmhouse in Montana that has been oriented to passively receive plenty of winter sun and summer breezes, and uses recycled and reclaimed materials to create a cozy cohesive flow.

Each house included in this book has done something interesting or groundbreaking to be better for our environment, and has managed to do so while retaining architectural beauty. Not all of the homes were a style I would have chosen for myself, in fact, most of them were a little modern for my tastes, however it was truly fascinating getting a glimpse at what it is possible to create with knowledge, passion, and ingenuity.

Speaking of passion, it is clear from the profiles on each homeowner that author Sheri Koones has a unique passion for environmentally aware prefabricated homes. Prefabulous World is the fourth book she has written on the subject, and she does so in a way that makes it accessible to the average reader. Before reading through this book, I knew basically nothing about the methods used to create eco homes. Now, though, I feel like I at least have an idea of what my options would be should I ever chose to own an environmentally friendly home.

This book provides the basic building blocks that potential eco home dwellers can use to make their own prefab home dreams a reality. For every featured home there is a floor plan, a list of “green” and “energy” aspects that make the home “eco friendly”, and beautiful full page images. At the end of the book there is also an extensive glossary, and a resources section that gives information on architects, builders, and suppliers.

I am giving this book 5 out of 5 stars. It is extremely diverse in the type of content it has included, and it is informative and up-to-date.


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