Book Review: ’Slimming Meals That Heal’ by Julie Daniluk

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julie daniluk slimming meals that heal

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When they say “don’t judge a book by its cover”, I’m pretty sure this is the book they’re referring to. Upon first glance this looks like your average trendy “gluten-free” cook-book. Open it up, however, and you’ll realize, like I did in about 30 seconds, that this is so much more. Julie Daniluk is an R.H.N, or “registered holistic nutritionist”. She has been featured on the Dr. Oz show, the Oprah Winfrey Network, and many Canadian media outlets like the Marilyn Denis Show, Breakfast Television and Canada AM. Slimming Meals that Heal or SMTH as Julie refers to it, is her second health / cookbook.

What immediately stood out to me about this book was that it isn’t just your standard recipe book. Julie has done an immense amount of research about the science behind these “anti-inflammatory superfoods”, and in “SMTH” she goes into great detail about why exactly some foods are causing us to be in pain and/or overweight. She clearly outlines many common foods that people tend to be allergic to that are potential culprits for their weight or pain. Additionally, there is a whole section on healthy substitution foods that are easily implemented into our diets to help weed out those nasty inflammation causing foods and replace them with nutrient dense foods that help our bodies heal.

I think my favourite part of “Slimming Meals that Heal”, though, is the 9 page chart that details the top 25 “superfoods” in alphabetical order, and provides nutritional information on what makes them superfoods. There is a whole section explaining how to go about testing for food allergies, and which are the most common allergens for humans. There is even a “food testing guide” that includes information on the type of food, when to eliminate and then re-introduce it, and the symptoms you should be looking out for when you do re-introduce it. Actually, I take that back – there are so many charts and guides in this book, it is impossible to choose my favourite one. And I haven’t even gotten started on the recipes yet!

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As the blurb on the front cover states, there are over 120 gluten-free recipes in here. I am usually pretty skeptical of the whole “gluten-free” craze that we’re enmeshed in at the moment, but I will say that the recipes I’ve tried from this book are basically to die for. I love making smoothies, but the ones in SMTH that I’ve tried have opened new doors to me that I never would have tried otherwise. Things like the “Apple Pie Detox Shake”— just adding cinnamon and apple cider to my standard apples, ginger, and hemp seed shake makes for a totally new taste experience. Don’t even get me started on her cheese substitutes.

I’m giving Slimming Meals that Heal 5 stars because of how information-dense the book is, coupled with its ease of readability, and its incredibly delicious and diverse recipes. I can’t say enough good things about this one. Now excuse me while I go enjoy some “Rocket Maca Truffles” (and I won’t even feel guilty for it)!

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