Essio Aromatherapy Shower Kit Review

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When I received my Essio Aromatherapy Shower Kit in the mail, I was so excited to try it out. It comes in 100% recycled/recyclable packaging, and includes three “Essio Essential Oil Pods.” The main component is an extendable shower arm that attaches to most ½ inch shower heads.

In the starter kit, I was provided with the “breathe”, “passion”, and “unwind” oil blends. This package couldn’t have arrived at a better time, as I was just returning from a tough workout, and all I wanted to do was hop in the shower and unwind (how fortuitous).

I read through all of the included instructions, and, as promised, the shower arm was extremely easy to install, I just snapped it onto my shower head’s pipe, clipped on the holder, and that was that. It seemed very secure, and I found I could easily manoeuvre the arm to ensure the pod would sit perfectly in the shower stream.

The next step proved to be somewhat challenging, if only because I am maybe not that great at reading instructions after all. I began by taking the green “unwind” pod from its holder and unscrewing the cap (like the directions state), but then I got overly excited, and tried to attach it to the arm upside down. After a short struggle, I re-read the instructions and realized my mistake. Once that was all sorted, however, I found myself in the midst of a wonderfully soothing shower.

The scent of the “unwind” Essio Pod was natural and calming. I felt as though I was doing something good for the environment just by breathing it in. The box says that it contains sweet orange, true lavender, and patchouli oils among others, and I think that the patchouli is the dominant scent here.

After my shower, my skin and hair felt lovely and soft, more so than usual. A nice added bonus was that it made my entire upstairs hallway smell clean and revitalized for some time afterwards.

Today I tried out the “passion” Pod. Having learnt from my last mistake, I had no problem with installation this time. The “passion” Pod had a more powerful kick to it than the “unwind”, which is to be expected, I suppose, considering that it is used to “bring forth your inner radiance and sensuality”. The best way I can describe the scent of the “passion” Pod is in two words: Hot Lips. I love cinnamon, so I was pleased with my second encounter with aromatherapy showering, however, the sheer strength behind the scent would be enough to deter a less adventurous bather. For this reason, I preferred the subtle presence of “unwind.”

In closing, I would recommend this product to anyone who needs a bit of relaxation in their day, but who may be too busy for a traditional aromatherapy bath. This product is quick, effective, and does its job well. It saw a gap in the market for relaxation on the run, and it filled that gap perfectly. The fact it is 100% recyclable, disposable, and organic makes it a product that anyone can feel good about using.

I give this product a 4/5 star rating because if someone doesn’t read through the instructions carefully, installing the Pods can be slightly confusing.


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