Vegetarian Recipes

    These vegetarian recipes will help anyone embrace a meat-free diet, and are an important part of living an eco-friendly lifestyle.

    Whether you’re just starting to explore vegetarianism, or have been a hard-core veggie for years, this recipe collection has something for you.

    steamed pumpkin cake

    Steamed Pumpkin Cake Recipe

    Have you ever steamed a cake? In lieu of baking this holiday season, try this scrumptious steamed pumpkin cake from pastry chef Dana Cree. This light and fluffy cake is both easy...
    Pumpkin Ravioli

    Pumpkin Ravioli with Thyme Brown Butter and Crunchy Scallions

    When it’s pumpkin season, don’t just buy little pumpkins for decorations – a small pumpkin is the perfect size to roast and combine with ricotta as filling for ravioli. Also,...

    Early Fall Frittata

    Fall is one of our absolute favorite times of the year to cook nourishing, warming food, especially when the ingredients come from our local farmer's market. With the shift in...
    vegan ricotta cheese shells

    Vegan Ricotta Cheese Recipe

    There’s nothing quite like the delicious flavors and comforting feeling of Italian-American cuisine. The explosions of different notes from tomatoes, garlic, and cheese make for some of the most...
    vanilla cranberry quickbread

    A Festive Vanilla Cranberry Quick Bread Recipe

    You don't have to be a master baker to achieve a spectacular loaf such as this one. As their name implies, quick breads don't need yeast or the time...
    taco skins with fresh avocado pico

    Vegan Taco Skins with Avocado Pico Recipe

    This recipe for taco skins with avocado pico takes minutes to come together, using ingredients that are typically already in your pantry and fridge. This makes preparing a quick and...
    healing salad in a jar

    Healing Salad in a Jar With Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette Recipe

    If you like to take a salad for lunch but don’t have time to prepare it in the morning, I have the solution for you. By using a mason jar and...
    turmeric sweet potato quinoa fritters

    Turmeric Sweet Potato Quinoa Fritters Recipe

    I love this recipe because it’s quick, versatile, full of anti-inflamatory ingredients (like turmeric) and the Finnish berry buckthorn adds a Vitamin C kick (which is never a bad thing!)
    Sweet Potato Falafal

    Sweet Potato Falafel Recipe

    I topped these falafel balls with sweet potatoes, spinach leaves and homemade guacamole. Seriously, these bad boys are perfect for a snack or a meal.
    Signature Smoothie

    Green Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

    Smoothies are the best breakfast ever. Nothing beats a smoothie to get a cheeky injection of greens straight into your system. I always like to add a crunchy kick by...

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