Vegetarian Recipes

These vegetarian recipes will help anyone embrace a meat-free diet, and are an important part of living an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Whether you’re just starting to explore vegetarianism, or have been a hard-core veggie for years, this recipe collection has something for you.

Featured Food Recipes Vegetarian Recipes low fat banana muffins

Low-Fat Banana Muffins Recipe

Low-fat banana muffins are a great alternative for people with high cholesterol or watching their waistline. Using the moisture of bananas and yogurt in lieu of oil creates a delicious and flavorful muffin with a minimal amount of fat content.

Featured Recipes Vegetarian Recipes Roasted cauliflower, cheddar and squash soup

Roasted Cauliflower, Cheddar and Squash Soup

With the holidays coming up, the roasted cauliflower, cheddar and squash soup will be as at home on a Christmas dinner as it will be along a champagne toast at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

To make it even more festive and flavorful you could swap out half a cup of the stock for hard apple cider, or a pale, lager beer.