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High Protein Cilantro Lime Dip & Dressing Recipe

High Protein Cilantro Lime Dip & Dressing Recipe

This high protein cilantro lime dressing is a healthier option than mayo-based dips and dressings – and will add extra protein to your diet!
high protein baked french toast loaf

High Protein Baked French Toast Loaf Recipe

This is a super simple and delicious breakfast recipe that will satisfy any sweet tooth (without the sugar), and the high protein content will keep you satiated throughout the morning.
dragon fruit protein smoothie

The Best Dragon Fruit Protein Smoothie Recipe

Looking for a delicious and healthy way to start your day? Check out our protein-packed dragonfruit smoothie recipe! This drink is not only packed with flavor, but it also provides a number of health benefits.
Coconut meat wraps with smoked salmon

Coconut Meat Wraps with Smoked Salmon

This extraordinary wrap recipe is perfect fast food when on the run. A great new product to hit the market recently is a wrap made from coconut meat. With each wrap...

Candied Ginger Poached Salmon Recipe

Candied ginger is one of my favorite secret ingredients, one which I keep well stocked. While I used this delicate and delicious fish as a filling for rice paper...

Nut-Free Pesto Poached Wild Salmon Recipe

The flaky texture of fresh wild salmon is a thing of beauty, and readily absorbs the rich flavor of pesto. However, the inclusion of standard pine nuts in pesto...

Garlic Rosemary Salmon Skewers Recipe

Grabbing a stalk of rosemary, we so often pull off the leaves and then toss out the little hard stick that held them together. However, that ‘stick’ contains just as...
Lemon Dill Barbecued Salmon

Simple Lemon Dill Barbecued Salmon Recipe

Only a barbecue can herald the warming of weather, the glint of sunlight upon water and the festive air that only summer can bring. What better dish to make for...