Eating healthy and protecting the planet are activities that go hand-in-hand. Check out our collection of delicious recipes inspired by Mother Nature – you can eat clean with a wide variety of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options to choose from.

Food Recipes Vegan Recipes Vegetarian Recipes Vegan Baked Falafel Recipe

Vegan Baked Falafel Recipe

Served throughout the Middle East, these small, deep-fried chickpea balls can be eaten as meze, also known as appetizers or snacks, or as a full-fledged meal. This vegan falafel is healthier than the norm, as the mixture is baked rather than deep-fried.

Food Recipes Quinoa Flax Salad Power Bowl Recipe

Quinoa Flax Salad Power Bowl Recipe

This salad will give your tastebuds a mix of flavours, from the exotic cilantro to the crunchy pumpkin seeds to the subtly sweet goji berries. Adding quinoa and adzuki beans makes this salad a complete meal with easily digestible protein.