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Electric Cars Featured EV charging innovation

How can governments support the development of EV charging infrastructure?

The government can play a key role in supporting the development of EV charging infrastructure by providing financial incentives, streamlining permitting processes, and investing in public charging stations. Financial incentives can help to make EVs more affordable, while streamlining permitting processes can make it easier for businesses and individuals to install charging stations. Investing in public charging stations can help to ensure that there are enough charging stations available to meet the needs of EV drivers.

Featured Green Living Guides going green in college

10 Ways College Students Can Go Green and Save Money

College students are known for their active involvement in many movements and one of those movements is definitely living an eco-friendly life. If you are one of those students, this article has some options on how you can do your part in keeping our environment clean and healthy, while saving you some money

Featured Food health benefits of drinking lemon water

5 Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Lemon water is a go-to home remedy, believed to help with the common cold, aid digestion, help in weight loss, and detox the body. So, is drinking lemon water the magic bullet most people claim it to be? We look at the evidence-based health benefits of drinking lemon water.

Featured Gardening Infographics

An Introduction to Hydroponic Gardening [Infographic]

Hydroponic gardening is a method of growing plants without soil. It uses a nutrient-rich water solution to provide the plants with the nutrients they need to grow. Hydroponic gardening is becoming increasingly popular because it can be done indoors or outdoors, and it can produce higher yields of crops than traditional soil-based gardening.