Zeitgeist Introduces New Line of eBikes

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Cyclists and fans of electric vehicles get ready because the 2018 Zeitgeist Limited Edition racing electric bike is finally here.

Created by a team obsessed with racing and EV innovation, this eBike has a sleek aero frame which conceals a powerful lithium-ion battery and a rear wheel that hides its torque-rich hub motor that can accelerate for up to 25 kilometers per hour in seven seconds.

Despite the thin, light frame, it delivers a very powerful performance. On flat terrain, the 2018 Zeitgeist Limited Edition racing eBike can extend your range by 40+ kilometers. Steep hills? No problem! The stealthy rear hub motor can boost your performance by five times.

After using up the 1,000 cycle long battery life, just charge its 36v, 6.7Ah lithium-ion power pack for 4 hours in any standard 110v-220v outlet and it’s ready to travel another 40 kilometers again. The ebike also has an LCD Smart Display to help you track your performance on the road.

Purchasing the 2018 Zeitgeist Limited Edition racing eBike comes with excellent service in the form of a 2-5 year warranty and 24/7 tech support. The motor and battery have a two-year warranty while the frame has a five-year warranty. Zeitgeist bikes are made with easy-to-find components so should the bike need repairing, you just go to your nearest bike shop and have it fixed without problem.

2018 Zeitgeist Limited Edition racing electric bikeThe 2018 Zeitgeist Limited Edition racing eBike just proves that form, function and fashion can co-exist. It’s not just for serious cyclists but also for casual commuters who are sick and tired of those heavy, clunky eBikes in the market. This 11 kilogram bike is sleek alright but it maintains the look of a regular bike so it’s not targeted by bike thieves.

It’s available in a burnt orange color and goes well with other accessories on offer including cycling shoes, racing saddle, helmet, seat tube, and backpack. Pick a combination of accessories that fit your needs and you’re ready to ride your 2018 Zeitgeist Limited Edition racing eBike.

Zeitgeist also has its own racing club that allows you to connect with other members. It hosts exclusive events, races and rallies regularly so be sure to check for a Zeitgeist Racing Club Chapter near you.