Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to Lexus GS 450H

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The Lexus GS 450H is the latest in Lexus’s mid-sized luxury high power Lexus GS series.

It’s a huge upgrade from previous incarnations of the car. The exterior of the car is peppered with fine improvements, from the L shaped LED lights to the spindle-shaped front girdle.

The real magic, however, is in the car itself.

Why upgrade to the Lexus GS 450H? Here are the top 10 reasons.

  1. It’s a Hybrid. You get all the class and prestige of driving a luxury car, while knowing that you’re helping preserve the environment by investing in a hybrid. It’s still one of the few luxury hybrids on the market.
  2. It Has Incredible Power. The Lexus GS 450H clocks in at an incredible 252 kW or 338 hp horsepower. The previous GS 350 by comparison only clocked in at 306 horsepower. Flooring the gas pedal on this hybrid is every bit as exhilarating as accelerating any other luxury vehicle on the market – And perhaps more so.
  3. Better Fuel Economy. The combined EPA fuel efficiency rating of the Lexus GS 450H is 31 mpg. That’s a drastic improvement from the GS 350, which has only 23 mpg combined. And that’s with a 32 horsepower improvement!
  4. Improved Trunk Space. The Lexus GS 450H has more trunk space than any of its predecessors. That makes it uniquely equipped to be both a daily functional car, as well as a luxury vehicle. It’s a fantastic car for both families and individuals.
  5. Improved Interior Design. The Lexus GS 450H comes with a bamboo trimmed interior, stainless steel cuff plates, leather seats and more room than of its predecessors. The inside of the car feels lush yet powerful, just like the car itself. The driver’s seat is a bolstered 10-way electric adjustable chair, making it easy for anyone to get comfortable. The car comes with a 7 inch touch screen, fully equipped with rear camera, audio controls, climate controls and an optional navigation system.
  6. Improved Electric Steering. The Lexus GS 450H runs off of a system called the Variable Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS). In past versions of the Lexus GS, customers complained that the electric steering didn’t feel as “natural” as hydraulic steering. In the latest version of the GS, Lexus as more than fixed that. Today’s Lexus GS 450H feels incredibly responsive and smooth to drive.
  7. Sport Mode. Feel like pushing your GS to the max? Just switch it to Sport Mode. This changes the suspension and allows you to make sharp twists and turns. You don’t feel the weight of the car at all. In fact, while your car is in sports mode, it feels more like you’re drinking a limber race car than a mid sized sedan.
  8. Seat Warmer and Seat AC. Having leather seat warmers is pretty much expected across the board on today’s luxury cars. However, the Lexus GS 450H comes with a pretty unique feature: Seat AC. If you’re warm on a summer day, just switch on the seat AC for some personalized coolness.
  9. Near Zero Cabin Sound. The car runs off a V6 hybrid engine and has the power of a V8 engine – But inside the cabin, it’s quieter than a sleeping baby. You don’t hear the engine at all, even when you’re pushing the gas. It’s fantastic for having conversations, listening to music or just having a peaceful and tranquil drive.
  10. World Class Audio. In the audio department, the Lexus GS 450H takes no shortcuts. There are 14speakers distributed through various points in the car. This Mark Levinson speaker system is designed to create an even sound throughout the entire vehicle. The bass reverberates strongly, as if you were listening to a Surround Sound system. To top things off, the car can fully integrate with the iPhone, allowing you to see your playlists from the display and control the tracks from your steering wheel.

The Lexus GS 450H is truly a force to be reckoned with. It outstrips its previous versions by leaps and bounds, especially in fuel efficiency and power. When it comes to luxury, class, fuel efficiency and raw horsepower, the Lexus GS 450H has it all.

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