Tesla Model 3 Set to Make Canadian Debut at 2018 International Canadian Auto Show

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The much-anticipated Model 3 from Tesla is set to make its Canadian debut this week at the 2018 International Canadian Auto Show in Toronto.

Though not yet available for purchase, more than 450,000 reservations have been placed for the Model 3 to date.

The International Canadian Auto Show, being held from February 16 – 25th, will be the first time for Canadians to see the electric car in person.

The Model 3 is expected to be a game-changer in the electric car industry, bringing the power and efficiency of other Tesla vehicles – the Model S and Model X – to a more affordable sedan.

Tesla Model 3 in Dark Grey from the side

Combined with Tesla’s clean energy capture and storage solutions – namely, solar roofs and in-home batteries – the Tesla Model 3 offers families a sustainable option for travel at a reasonable price.

Tesla is also currently leading the electric industry with its Supercharger network, offering charging points across North America.

tesla supercharger network 2018
Tesla North American Supercharger Network, as of February 2018

Its cost-effective charging infrastructure and a 500km range means you can drive from Toronto to Montreal for only $19.

In recent weeks, the production rate of the Model 3 had come into question after some delays, but as of last week the electric automaker has revised its targets to begin producing 2,500 cars per week by next month.

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