2015 Renovo Coupe

Last  weekend’s Concurs d’Elegant at Pebble Beach caused a stir, since the highly-rumored, but never seen Renovo Coupe Supercar, hit the street.

The cutting-edge sportscar, based on a beefed up, yet still classic Shelby Daytona CSX9000 Coupe, is all-electric, and touts a respectable top speed at around 120 mph, plus a 0-60 time of just above 3 seconds.

The product’s genesis started four years ago when a group of Silicon Valley performance wonks decided to see if they could take a serious ICE-powered race car and turn it into a buzz bomb, and the result is as startling as it’s interesting. According to Renovo CEO Christopher Heiser, “Renovo Motors sought to create an aspirational vehicle that demonstrates the performance, control, and excitement that is possible with EV technology.

We have poured our passion and innovation into the Coupe in an effort to deliver a truly amazing driving experience, and we we’re honored to present the Production Prototype of our car at the Concours d’Elegance.”

Renvoi coupe

Clearly these guys have got something going on here, since in electrified terms the car delivers about 500 HP from its 740 volt energy (373 kW), while delivering 1000 lbs-ft (1354 Nm) of torque.  Along with the car’s obvious grunt, luxury appointments abound which of course would make sense, because the new variant is intending to go head-to-head with more established Supercar marques like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani and Koenigsegg.

The weekend’s festivities marked the launch of the car, and given the audience for Pebble’s annual bash it undoubtedly garnered more than just one new order by the end of the weekend. Stay tuned to learn more about this innovative integration between history and cutting-edge technology, because the car’s ultimate evolution ought to be worth at least the price of a ticket.

Rick Carlton has worked as a journalist, writer, researcher, editor, publisher and technologies professional for many years. His bylines have appeared in a host of domestic/international newspaper, magazine and online outlets including; The Auto Channel, Finland’s Teknikan Maalma, Unilever’s The Adrenalist, The Tribune Newspapers, The Austin Business Journal, Crutchfield Labs Research, Crowdfunding Guide and National Business Media’s magazine group. In addition to his publishing career, he served as a C-Level executive/consultant for a wide-range of private and public sector companies, and also taught as a professional instructor within the Coastline Community and Cerritos College systems. He has also served as a press/media consultant for a range of professional motorsports organizations including work for Diamond Rio Racing (NASCAR), Taylor Racing (ARCA), Jimmy Wellman Racing (NASCAR), and others.


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