I love new vehicles whether they have four, three, or two-wheels (speaking of the latter I’ll have some electric bikes for you directly). Today, however, we’re looking into the July 27th 2014 launch party for the new Polaris Slingshot, apparently made up of equal parts of style, cleverness and pure brute force.

If you haven’t heard about the Slingshot, here’s a bit of a primer. According to the company’s patent information, the vehicle is configured as a three-wheel, side-by-side, open-top sportscar, currently reputed to be driven by a Ford, 2.4 liter EcoBoost four-cylinder ICE.

The powerplant is situated longitudinally on a tube frame, with the final drive configuration established on a line from the engine’s bell-housing, through a short driveshaft, subsequently coupled with a u-joint/output sprocket mechanism that excites the rear wheel via a belt-drive assembly.

The entire rear-end is suspended and damped via a single swing-arm mono-shock complex, while the front of the vehicle employs individual lower/upper A-arms in concert with its own requisite shock components.

The transmission is projected to apply Ford’s Ecotech product; however all of the powertrain components could have been changed between the time that the Patent was filed, versus the actual production rollout variant. Additional technical amenities include the suggestion of antilock brakes, traction control, electronic brake distribution and vehicle stability control.

Source: Polaris


Polaris is being really, really secretive, and the only true idea of what the vehicle will encompass is the series of teaser videos that potential customers can take a look at, though there are also unofficial mockups and fan art based on patent applications, like in the images above.

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Nevertheless, based on those segments alone, the reverse trike looks to be a barn-burner, and a significant challenger to the current Campagna T-REX and other conventional three-wheeled bikes and ‘reversies.’

So, if you don’t have anything else to do on the 27th of this month, take a run down to the Slingshot website, and learn more. If anything else, it should be fun, and we could all do with more fun these days don’t you think?


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