Current news on eco friendly cars and vehicles. Driving electric cars and hybrid vehicles is an environmentally choice, and these articles will keep you up to date on the best options on the market.


    Volkswagen Is Using Google’s Quantum Computing Technology to Develop Specialized EV Batteries

    Volkswagen says that Quantum computing technology could help come up with a “chemical blueprint” that will speed up development and production of electric vehicle batteries. The technology, according to VW, can analyze and build a specialized and customized car battery for future green cars.

    Ford Testing Self-Driving Vans with Food Delivery in Miami

    For the past few months, Miami has been a testing ground for Ford’s autonomous vehicles. The test isn’t over yet; Ford is now running a food delivery test using their self-driving vans in the same state.

    Electric Vehicle Startup Byton is in a Strong Financial Position After Raising $500 Million

    Byton, a Chinese EV startup company has announced the acquisition of $500 million after the completion of series B round of funding. The funds put them in a strong financial position as they come closer to achieving their goal to have massive production of electric vehicles by the end of 2019.

    Daimler Announces Two All-Electric Trucks to Compete with Tesla’s Semi

    Daimler has introduced two all-electric trucks to counter the Tesla Semi: the eCascadia and eM2 are designed specifically for the North American market.

    Tesla Promises a Software Update That Will Enable Full Self-Driving on Its Cars

    Tesla is updating its Autopilot feature and by August all the Tesla vehicles with autonomous functionality will be able to self-drive with your hands off the wheel.

    Faraday Future Confirms Plans to Have First Car on Road by End of the...

    Faraday Future is finally making some progress on their plans to deliver their first supercar by December this year.
    Tesla Model Y Tease

    Tesla Teases with Model Y Image

    Tesla has revealed glimpses of what its all-electric compact SUV could look like in years to come.

    Rolls Royce Looks to Be Fully Electric by 2040

    Luxury car maker Rolls Royce will solely be making electric cars by 2040, CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös has revealed.

    Musk Plans for Future Transportation

    Elon Musk has unveiled plans to develop an underground transportation system. He envisages a future system that could take you practically anywhere in the world in about an hour.

    Bottleneck of Tesla Model 3 Now ‘sorted’

    In a leaked email from CEO Elon Musk to workers around 2 weeks ago, the signs for the Model 3 are upbeat. Electrek web portal obtained the email about the battery module bottleneck at Gigafactory 1.


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