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Current news on eco friendly cars and vehicles. Driving electric cars and hybrid vehicles is an environmentally choice, and these articles will keep you up to date on the best options on the market.

electric car charging in portland

Portland, Oregon is the Best U.S. City to Own an Electric Car In

Widely available and publicly accessible charging stations are one of the most important prerequisites for mass adoption of electric vehicles. Charging scarcity makes owning an electric car pretty difficult and inconvenient in many regions...
german electric car charging

Automakers to Contribute to Electric Car Incentives in Germany

Germany has one of the world’s largest automotive industries, but, until recently, they’ve been lacking in environmentally friendly vehicles, with most of the industry being centered around traditionally powered vehicles. But unlike most of the other global automotive manufacturing...
Hyundai Ioniq

Green Vehicles Among the Highlights at the Geneva Auto Show

The Geneva Auto Show is usually the place where automakers unveil their new, luxury supercars that target affluent enthusiasts who want to make a statement that they have made it big by purchasing an ultra-expensive exotic...
Aston Martin RapideS

Aston Martin to Release Luxury Electric Car by 2018

Tesla Motors is the undisputed leader in the luxury electric car market, with German brands like Audi and Mercedes-Benz essentially playing catch-up with the Silicon Valley incumbent. Now, yet another manufacturer wants to try to compete with...

The Kia Niro Hybrid Crossover Debuts at the Chicago Auto Show

The growing popularity of hybrid vehicles is largely driven by stricter fuel economy standards, that in turn press automakers to build more fuel efficient vehicles. As automakers try to meet regulations mandating better fuel efficiency...
BMW i3 charging port

BMW and Nissan Partner Up to Expand EV Fast-Charging Station Network

To a large extent, the adoption of electric vehicles depends on the availability of convenient and fast charging solutions. DC fast charging is currently the best option for reducing charging times for electric cars,...
google halloween kids

Google’s Driverless Cars Are Learning How to Recognize Kids

As Google continues testing its driverless car prototypes around California, it now seems to be focusing on improving its vehicles’ ability to interact with pedestrians, so that they can help ensure the safety of...
BMW & VW Announce plans for 100 new charging stations

BMW Plans to Launch a Fuel-Cell Car By 2020

BMW has become one of the most serious proponents of electric vehicles lately, with the i3 and i8 models, which have been received quite well by electric-car enthusiasts, as well as by auto industry...
Tesla Model X

Competition In The Electric SUV Market Starting To Heat Up

As the official launch of the Tesla Model X approaches, it seems that every other global automaker is in a hurry to start production of an all-electric SUV and prevent Elon Musk’s company from...
BMW Street Light Charging

BMW Integrates EV Charging Stations into Street Lights

BMW has invested a lot of money in electric vehicles over the recent years, developing and manufacturing some of the most advanced electric cars on the market today, the i3 – which is the...


renault electric car

Renault is Converting a Portuguese Island into a Clean Energy Haven

French car giant Renault is taking a leading role in the electrification of Porto Santo island with the provision of electric vehicles, Vehicle To Grid (V2G) facilities and energy storage.