New Ford E-Bikes Alert Riders of Encroaching Cars Through Vibrating Handlebars

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Ford E-Bikes

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Of all people and in all places, Ford unveiled two new e-bikes this week at the Mobile World Conference in Barcalona.

According to, the two prototypes, known as the MoDe:Me and the MoDe:Pro, will come with a 200 W motor with a 9 Ah battery. An electric pedal assist will allow for speeds of uup to 15.5 mph.

The MoDe:Pro, built for commercial use like courier deliveries can be stowed inside Ford’s commercial vehicles. While the MoDe:Me is easily folded up to afford greater space when riders transfer to public transit.

The bikes are the result of a company wide competition aimed at creating a safer and more efficient e-bike journey.

Ford has also created an iPhone app, the MoDe:Link, which can automatically trigger turn signals and provide haptic alerts in the handlebars.

Read more about the MoDe E-bikes over at Gizmag.

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