Hyundai Bests Honda In Eco-Friendly Car Analysis

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It’s Hyundai, Not Honda When It Comes To ‘Green Is Better’

According to a newly released analysis from The Union Of Concerned Scientists, of the top eight manufactures, Hyundai-Kia has ascended to the top of the green pyramid of eco-friendly cars, unseating previous leader Honda. “For too many years, clean car standards were stagnant and automakers were more likely to promote extra cup holders instead of fuel economy,” says Clean Vehicles Program author Dave Cooke.

“Now, consumers are demanding cars that go further on a gallon of gas and new standards are pushing the automakers to deliver. The big lesson here is that the smog and global warming standards are working and there is much more to be gained as these standards progress.”

Cooke’s analysis suggests that tailpipe emissions control has caused an overall 87% reduction, while at the same time reducing greenhouse gases by 20%.

Nevertheless, in the green car derby, the news is all about Hyundai, “Honda continues to lead the way in many vehicle classes, but it’s started to lag the industry average in its midsize fleet—which includes its best-selling Accord, and accounts for a quarter of the company’s sales,” Cooke says.

“As Hyundai-Kia works to further improve fuel economy and electrify its fleet, Honda will need to step up its game if it wants to take back the crown.”

The final green tallies broke down this way:

  1. Hyundai-Kia
  2. Honda
  3. Toyota
  4. Nissan
  5. Volkswagen
  6. Ford
  7. GM
  8. Chrysler

Although all of the manufacturers cited are doing better brand-over-brand, U.S. car-makers still languish at the bottom of the pile as the breakdown articulates. That said, however, Ford did notch the highest year-over-year emissions-only reduction.

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“Automakers have a lot of clean technology ready to roll, and they are only just beginning to deploy it,” says UCS’ Clean Vehicles program director Don Anair, “Continued investments by automakers coupled with strong performance standards will ensure new models further reduce fuel consumption and tailpipe emissions while offering the cleanest, most fuel-efficient vehicle choices for their customers.”

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