Sustainable Driving: Hertz And Zem2All Partner To Create Additional City Mobility

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Hertz and electric charging operator Zem2All have announced a partnership that aims to put more sustainable vehicles on the city streets of Malaga and elsewhere across Spain.

“As a leader in the car rental industry, Hertz is well positioned to help customers and cities to gain first-hand experience with electric vehicles, said the company’s Michel Tirade. “We strongly believe that investing in innovative and convenient solutions that reduce the environmental impacts of travel is an important step towards sustainable transport on a global scale. In partnership with Zem2All, we will be working to create a compelling electric drive transport model that can be easily exported to other cities.”

The Hertz program will deliver zero-emissions electrical rental vehicles at a number of major locations across the city including its airport, various hotels and standalone outlets. The commercial rental program will employ the Nissan Leaf sedan, and will be based on an initial fleet of 160 vehicles.

Nissan Leaf electric car


Along with the Hertz/Nissan angle, Zem2All offers access to 23 charging units established at 9 charging facilities between the cities of Malaga, Fuengirola and Marbella. The advent of these regionally-emplaced charging facilities will support a base cost value of approximately 2 Euros per 100 miles of range.

The Zem2All project is based on a Spanish/Japanese partnership between Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, in conjunction with Spanish gas, electric and communications utilities Endesa, Telefonica and Ayesa, For its own part, Hertz sees the Zem2All deal as part of its larger HertzLargerJourney project focused on overall sustainable living.

The project has already engendered a number of life-based enhancements including expanded solar energy development, the integration of new LEED-based energy development across Europe, new recycling sites, the advent of specific recycling process centers at rental centers, along with the application of waterless vehicle washing.

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