By now, you’ve probably heard about Google’s self-driving car and, consequently, how it could revolutionize the future of transportation (not to mention, the auto industry). Self-driving cars that can ‘speak’ to each other would mean fewer traffic jams, faster travel, and as a result fewer emissions.

If those self-driving cars were electric vehicles powered by clean energy as well, our culture’s dependency on fossil fuels would be greatly reduced.

But back to the technology of the self-driving cars – how exactly do they work? Check out the video above or at this link and hear from Google staff exactly how the vehicle can do things like navigate construction zones, avoid stopped vehicles on the side of the road and railroads.

And if you’ve ever driven through a busy city street, this video will make a case that riding in a self-driving car would probably be a much safer form of transportation than an unwieldy human driver.

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