Transportation concepts associated with electric motorcycles have been around for years, but for some reason the value hasn’t really caught on. Perhaps it has to do with the lack of sound, or the somewhat clunky design traits of previous electrics. Nevertheless, both of those perceived limitations, in addition to a host of others are about to be put paid.

Italian Supercar and NASCAR engineering manufacturer CRP USA, has come up with one of the most striking bike designs ever built and the sleek two-wheeler is entirely driven by electric power. The Energica EGO, as it’s branded, is driven by an oil-cooled 100Kw synchronous motor package that produces 150 mph at the top-end. On top of the blazing straight-line speed, the system also creates an impressive 0-60 number of around 3 seconds along with creating 195Nm of torque.

The superbike’s technical amenities are also upscale including Brembo discs integrated with a regenerative-power Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), and the entire power package is managed by an innovative systems component that the company refers to as a Vehicle Control Unit (VCU). This central power controller behaves in the same way that auto Electronic Control Units (ECU) do, since the system constantly measures and meters power and battery flow to insure optimal performance throughout the bike’s operational cycle.

Along with the more wonky motor technologies, the EGO also carries an on-board charger able to deliver a full hit in just over 2 hours, along with an optional fast-charger that will reduce the recharge cycle time considerably. Once the rider is comfortable and ready to do, additional accessory amenities apply such as a glass-cockpit instrument display, as well as GPS, a Bluetooth port integrated with Internet connectivity plus a systems data logger.

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“Our customers aren’t really those looking for electric scooters,” says Energica’s Chief Technologist Giampiero Testoni, “…but rather those people who love motorcycles and high-tech.” The company intends to produce 500 units in its first full model year, and at a suggested MSRP of $67k, the bike will cost a bit more that other premium gasoline-powered bikes like Ducati, BMW and Harley Davidson.

Says CRP’s CEO Livia Cevolini, “It is a difficult category, because in Europe, electric vehicles are still ridiculed a bit; people say they’re cute things for kids. But our goal from the beginning was to make something sporting and real.” That said, then, it appears that the company is doing exactly what it has set out do – only in spades.

Rick Carlton has worked as a journalist, writer, researcher, editor, publisher and technologies professional for many years. His bylines have appeared in a host of domestic/international newspaper, magazine and online outlets including; The Auto Channel, Finland’s Teknikan Maalma, Unilever’s The Adrenalist, The Tribune Newspapers, The Austin Business Journal, Crutchfield Labs Research, Crowdfunding Guide and National Business Media’s magazine group. In addition to his publishing career, he served as a C-Level executive/consultant for a wide-range of private and public sector companies, and also taught as a professional instructor within the Coastline Community and Cerritos College systems. He has also served as a press/media consultant for a range of professional motorsports organizations including work for Diamond Rio Racing (NASCAR), Taylor Racing (ARCA), Jimmy Wellman Racing (NASCAR), and others.


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