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    Electric Vehicle Startup Byton is in a Strong Financial Position After Raising $500 Million

    Byton, a Chinese EV startup company has announced the acquisition of $500 million after the completion of series B round of funding. The funds put them in a strong financial position as they come closer to achieving their goal to have massive production of electric vehicles by the end of 2019.

    Daimler Announces Two All-Electric Trucks to Compete with Tesla’s Semi

    Daimler has introduced two all-electric trucks to counter the Tesla Semi: the eCascadia and eM2 are designed specifically for the North American market.

    Tesla Promises a Software Update That Will Enable Full Self-Driving on Its Cars

    Tesla is updating its Autopilot feature and by August all the Tesla vehicles with autonomous functionality will be able to self-drive with your hands off the wheel.

    Faraday Future Confirms Plans to Have First Car on Road by End of the...

    Faraday Future is finally making some progress on their plans to deliver their first supercar by December this year.
    2015 Renovo Coupe

    The Renovo Electric Coupe – Available for only $530k

    Last  weekend’s Concurs d’Elegant at Pebble Beach caused a stir, since the highly-rumored, but never seen Renovo Coupe Supercar, hit the street. The cutting-edge sportscar, based on a beefed up,...
    tesla motors

    California Governor Proposes To Exempt Tesla From State Environmental Laws To Secure The Company’s...

    When it comes to environmentally-based auto issues, it should be known that I am no big fan of business costs driven by the Federal EPA, and more importantly, California’s...
    bmw i3 charging

    BMW Set to Shake Up The EV Charging Market with Portable Charger

    In the never-ending quest to expand charging mechanisms that help validate the EV value proposition, BMW has announced a new hi-rate ‘suitcase sized’ charging unit, to ease the current...
    Tesla Gigafactory locations

    Big News For Tesla; Panasonic Takes Place Of Toyota In Battery Wars

    On top of news regarding BMW’s new suitcase 24-kilowatt charger unit, Tesla Motors and Panasonic have announced a new deal to create, develop and launch a new U.S.-based gigafactory capability,...


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