The Cars of 2012 that Will Save Gas and Accentuate Your Style

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The rising rates of fuel needn’t check your desire to buy your dream car as long as you buy smart and check out the fuel efficiency. It’s a good year for most car buyers as there is a larger variety to choose from be it a conventional model, hybrid or electrically charged car.

  • The Toyota Prius not only seats five but also provides the most mileage and thus, is marketed as the most fuel efficient car starting at the level of $ 25,000.
  • If however, you want a car that will fetch you good money on a resale, Honda is a good company to back on. The Honda Insight is priced around $ 20,000 and though the mileage drops to 42 miles per gallon (mpg), it is a safe bet.
  • As for those who prefer luxury, Lexus CT at the starting range of $ 30,000 is a good buy as you still get a mileage of 42mpg and so, the practical is merged into the sharp.
  • Sedan lovers can get their dream at below $ 15,000 with the Ford Fiesta SFE with its quiet engine and 29 mpg for city driving.
  • Another good luxury car buy is the Buick Regal priced around $ 31,000 with the same Ford like 29mpg. What’s really interesting about it is that you can switch from gas to electric as well.



For the family of four to five members, there are many non-hybrid versions like SUV five seater class giving a mileage of 26 mpg. The Chevrolet Equinox is one of them while Hyundai’s Tucson and the Honda CR-V are rather popular. If you want a hybrid on the other hand, the mileage for Ford Escape is about 32 mpg.

Most fuel efficient luxury hybrid car: Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

People who love the sedan look and have smaller families prefer the Kia Optima as it is one of the lowest priced hybrids. Diesel cars have proved to be more fuel efficient and great money savers. The Volkswagen Jetta Sport Wagon and Passat sedan feature mileages of 34 to 35 mpg and so not as good as the Optima, considering the price of diesel fuel, it doesn’t lead to any saving.



The young generation of single individuals too has a wide choice of cars to select from. In case you can’t afford Toyota’s latest hybrid called the Prius c, you can always go for the Scion iQ. The former has an average of about 50 miles on every gallon while the latter is around 37 mpg. You can opt for cars cheaper than these like the Nissan Versa which falls in 34 mpg range or the cooler looking Hyundai Accent or Ford Fiesta.



  • Drive slower if you’re not in a hurry
  • Turn off your air conditioner when not required
  • Service your car and change the oil and filters
  • Make sure your gas tank doesn’t go below the halfway mark
  • Don’t leave your engine running needlessly.
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