Autolib’ electric car sharing network launches in Paris

Autolib Electric Car Charging

This morning, Paris’ Autolib’ electric car sharing network launched with 250 EVs on the road to increase eco friendly transportation around the French city. The Autolib program is a follow-up to the massively successful bike sharing program, Vélib’, similar to the BIXI program which caught on at the same time in other cities around the world.

The premise of the car sharing program is that a driver can easily rent a car at one location, drive it to where they need to go within the city core, and drop it off at another designated station for someone else to use. Although it takes the place of a taxi cab, some still argue the car sharing programs detract from public transportation and keep cars on the road when in fact we should be working to achieve the opposite.


By next year, Autolib’ expects to have 3,000 electric cars deployed throughout the city, and while there are already 2,000 subscribers, Autolib’ will need 80,000 to break even. Subscriptions are sold annually at 144€ per year for individuals (around $190 USD) and 133€ for families (around $180 USD), with weekly and monthly subscriptions also available.

Photos via Francisco Gonzalez