5 ways to make your car more eco friendly & save on gas

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A recent test by Chevrolet put two identical compact cars on the same workday commute, but the vehicles were driven by different people with very different driving habits. The results show that a few small changes in the way you drive could make your car far more eco friendly, while also saving you up to $100 on gas each month – while still getting from point A to point B.


1. Quit Idling in the Drive-Thru

The test at the drive-thru showed that idling in line to wait for your coffee rather than running in to the shop to pick it up not only adds an extra $1 to the coffee you’re buying, it also burns up around a quarter of a gallon of gas, depending on how long you have to wait.

Save yourself time, money, and cut down on pollution by cutting out the drive-thru.


2. Accelerate Smoothly

If you hammer on the gas pedal as soon as the streetlight turns green, and have to slam on your brakes right before the next light, you are going to burn far more fuel than is necessary, and still not make up any time. By accelerating smoothly, you can increase the mileage of your vehicle by 20%, making your car more eco friendly and conserving the gas you’re burning up.


3. Slow Down on the Highway

The difference between driving 70 on the highway and 80 on the highway doesn’t get you to your destination significantly faster. What it does, however, is save 4 miles per gallon on the highway. If you drive a bit slower, your car will be far more fuel efficient, and you’ll be able to drive longer distances without having to fuel up as often.


4. Use Cruise Control

For the same reason that accelerating smoothly saves on gas consumption, so does keeping a steady pace. Speeding up and slowing down repeatedly is going to burn more gas than driving the same speed over a distance.


5. Drive with your Windows Up

Although many think that fresh air is better than driving with the A/C on, keeping your windows down adds a ton of wind resistance pushing your car in the opposite direction you’re trying to go, and in doing so burning more fuel. If you drive with your windows up, you’ll save more fuel in the long run.

Hopefully you can put these fuel efficiency tips into practice this holiday weekend, and make your car more eco friendly in the process.

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