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When you’re shopping around for a vehicle one of the first things you want to know is what kind of fuel economy you can expect, and how much that is going to equate in gas prices. To help prospective buyers get this information in the easiest way, the US Department of Energy has created new window sticker fuel economy labels which will debut on vehicles starting with 2013 models.


What the labels will tell you

New Gas Label

  1. Vehicle Technology & Fuel
  2. Fuel Economy
  3. Fuel Economy Compared to Other Vehicles
  4. Estimated Fuel Costs Over 5 Years
  5. Fuel Consumption Rate
  6. Estimated Annual Fuel Cost (based on 15,000 miles/year)
  7. Fuel Economy & Greenhouse Gas Rating Out of 10
  8. CO2 Emissions Information
  9. Smog Rating
  10. Fine Print
  11. QR Code

Click here for a full explanation of each of the numbers.


Better education on fuel efficiency

The best part about the new labels is how easy they make it to understand the environmental and economical benefits of driving a more eco friendly car. Not only will drivers be able to compare how much money they will save in gas over the lifetime of the vehicle, but they will also be able to immediately see which one has worse emissions.

The new fuel economy labels seem like a great step forward to better informing consumers about the environmental benefits of their purchases.

What do you think about the new labels?

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