Gas prices soon to be too high to drive normally, says 63% of Americans

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If you’re feeling pain at the pump, you’re not alone. 63% of Americans are confident that soon gas prices will be too high for people to drive around as they normally would.


What Americans think: a gas price infographic

Take a look at the infographic below to see other statistics from the HNTB report on what Americans think about gas prices.

Gas Prices infographic

The statistics: Americans’ thoughts on gas prices

When asked the question, “How confident are you that gasoline eventually will get so costly that you will no longer be able to afford to drive your car as often as you do now?”, Americans responded with the following:

  • 22% of Americans are “extremely confident”
  • 41% are somewhat confident
  • 27% are not very confident
  • 10% are not at all confident

When it’s all added up, significantly more people are confident that gas prices will soon make it too expensive to drive.


3 things we can do about it

  1. Only drive when you need to
    It seems obvious, but many will drive to the corner store when walking is just as easy. The amount of gas you’ll save isn’t significant on its own, but added up over time it will save you some bucks.
  2. Drive an eco friendly car
    Sure, the Toyota Prius isn’t for everyone, but make sure that your next vehicle has great mileage, so that you can get the most mileage for your dollars.
  3. Drive smarter
    Take a look at some of these ideas for being more fuel efficient without driving an eco friendly car. You can make the most with what you have, and still be fuel efficient.
The Facts about Fuel Prices
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