Eco Friendly Pick-Up Truck: Hybrid Ford F150

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Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc. has made it possible for pick-up truck drivers to go green on the roads, by announcing a line of heavy duty hybrid vehicles, including a Hybrid Ford F150 Pick-Up Truck.


Plug-In Hybrid Pick-Up Truck

Quantum’s announcement that it would be releasing a plug-in hybrid version of the best-selling pick-up truck in North America is sure to make many heavy-duty vehicle fleet owners very happy. Not only will the adoption of a hybrid Ford F150 result in environmental benefits from burning fewer fossil fuels, it will also significantly affect business owners’ bottom lines while gas prices are shooting through the roof. The hybrid trucks will be far more fuel efficient than their traditional counterparts, and in turn produce fewer emissions.


How the Hybrid Ford F150 will drive

The new hybrid Ford F150 will be able to drive for 35 miles with electric power from its battery, after which point it will shift to a hybrid mode and continue for a range of 400 miles. The hybrid pick-up truck was also designed by Quantum to have no impact on the size of the cab or bed, so the hybrid F150 looks just like the regular Ford F150 – except the hybrid can plug in to the outlet in your garage.


What difference a hybrid Ford F150 will make

As most people know, hybrid vehicles use electric power whenever it’s available, and significantly decrease a vehicle’s fuel consumption while it is idling or putting along. Although trucks were designed for carrying heavy loads, which inherently requires a lot of fuel, the hybrid technology built into the new Hybrid Ford F150 will make it a far more fuel efficient choice, and a great step towards greening heavy duty fleets.

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