Nissan LEAF NISMO RC Electric Car Set to Race with Zero Emissions

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The Nissan LEAF, voted the #1 Green Car of 2011, has been adapted into a racecar called the NISMO RC, proving that high speed car racing can still be green, and produce zero emissions while doing it.


the Nissan LEAF NISMO RC racing this week

It’s one thing to generate zero emissions while driving around in the city, especially when some days you are maxing out at 20mph; it’s a completely different story when a car can generate zero emissions when driving at 93 mies per hour! The Nissan LEAF NISMO RC electric car can not only hit those speeds and generate zero emissions, it can also go from 0 to 60 in under 7 seconds.

Although the Nissan LEAF lithium-ion battery doesn’t last as long as long when racing under the hood of the NISMO RC, it can still drive for approximately 20 minutes on the race track. It will be put to the test in a few days on April 20th at the New York International Auto Show.


NISMO RC’s Tech Specs

The RC (racing competition) version of the Nissan LEAF has a shorter wheelbase, longer length, is over half a foot wider, and its height is over a foot lower than the standard LEAF. The NISMO RC sits 2.4 inches off the ground, and weighs about 40% less than its counterpart.


Proving Electric Vehicles’ Abilities

Not only has the Nissan LEAF proven that electric cars are viable options for city drivers, the technology has proven that electric cars could be used by race car drivers.If you had any doubt that the LEAF is the best electric car on the market, the upcoming race at the New York International Auto Show should prove to everyone it is capable of great zero emissions driving, whether on the road, or the race track.

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