AT&T’s Eco-Friendly Vehicles Saved More Than 1 Million Gallons of Gas in 2010

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As part of the United States Department of Energy’s New National Clean Fleets Partnership, AT&T has announced their corporate fleet made up of eco friendly vehicles has saved the company from buying and using over one million gallons of gas in 2010.


AT&T’s Eco Friendly Vehicles

AT&T’s corporate fleet is made up of eco friendly vehicles that use compressed natural gas (CNG) instead of traditional petroleum or gas. As of this year, AT&T has deployed more than 2,400 CNG vehicles, and an additional 1,100 more alternative fuel vehicles, into its corporate fleet which spans 543 cities in 35 states.


Department of Energy’s Clean Cities’ National Clean Fleets Partnership

The announcement from AT&T came alongside President Obama as part of the Department of Energy’s National Clean Fleets Partnership. This partnership program was created specifically to work with private fleets in making better use of eco friendly vehicles.


AT&T and its corporate fleet in the future

AT&T still has big plans for its fleet, and intends to have even more eco friendly vehicles on the road in the coming years. Its current goals are to purchase 8,000 CNG vehicles by 2013, and deploy 15,000 alternate fuel vehicles by 2018.

In doing this, AT&T will save 49 million gallons of gasoline by 2018, and save from emitting approximately 211,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide.

AT&T certainly seems to be leading the pack with their eco friendly corporate fleet – is there a business you know who is doing it as good, or better?

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