Toyota Prius Looks to Set As Many World Records Around a Prius as Possible Over 2 Days

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A new project by the team behind the eco friendly Toyota Prius is aiming to set as many World Records in the Universal Record Database (URDB) as possible over 2 days. To show (and document) all of the action while it’s unfolding, Toyota Prius Records will be airing two 10 hour webcasts live on the internet over March 30 and March 31.


Toyota Prius Records

The idea behind setting world records using a Toyota Prius is based on the number of records the Prius hybrid has already set in its 10 years being on the market. As most people know, the Toyota Prius is one of (if not the most) well-known hybrid vehicle, which has set the standard for eco friendly vehicles in North America. The group organizing the Toyota Prius Records event is currently gathering the list of ideas they are going to try and accomplish over the two-day live broadcast event.


Possible records that may be set in the Toyota Prius

So far, a few of the crazy ideas submitted are packing the most people wearing seasonal sweaters in a Prius at once, getting the most people standing out of the Prius sunroof dressed in prom outfits, creating the largest mural possible during a 3 hour Toyota Prius charge, cramming the most pool noodles inside a Prius’ cargo area, and the farthest launch of a gumdrop using a Prius’ windshield wiper.


Watch the Announcement Video

Check out the funny announcement video for Toyota Prius Records below, and be sure to watch the event live online this Wednesday March 30 and Thursday the 31st.

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