Mercedes-Benz B-Class Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Embraced by Celebrities

Natalie Portman and Mercedes f-cell

Colin Firth getting out of a Mercedes

Pictured above is recent Best Picture Academy Award Winner Colin Firth, exiting an exclusive eco friendly Mercedes vehicle, the Mercedes-Benz B-Class Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car. The automaker has been promoting the brand new green and technologically advanced vehicle by chauffeuring celebrities to events during awards season, and producing no emissions while they’re at it.


Mercedes-Benz B-Class Hydrogen Fuel Cell

So what’s so great about this car in particular? The car, which was just unveiled in November, is an electric car that runs on hydrogen, and continues to create energy while it’s driving. Best of all, it only emits water as exhaust. The result is a vehicle which drives on clean energy and has a power consumption equivalent to 54 mpg.

Natalie Portman (pictured below) had this to say of the vehicle:

“It’s good that there are now vehicles with alternative fuel options, from clean diesel, hybrid and even hydrogen, that are becoming more widely available,”

Natalie Portman stepping out of a Mercedes-Benz

Drive one today, but pay the price

As you may have expected, the price range for these vehicles is more suited for the celebrity lifestyle. The current cost to lease a car (no option to buy) is through Mercedes-Benz at a rate of $849 / month. The price includes fuel and insurance, but it is still quite a lot to pay to drive a clean eco friendly car.

Colin Firth photo by Michael Buckner, Natalie Portman photo by Michael Williams


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