electric power bicycle

Find out why electric bikes are a green, Eco-friendly solution to our environment, health and transport problems.

  • It helps to live a greener, simpler life

It helps people live a greener, simpler life. Electric bikes release zero carbon emissions into the air. Reduced carbon emissions are important because scientific opinion is close to unanimous that global warming is already happening. The average car emits one pound of CO2 for every mile driven.

  • A new approach for thinking about environmental issues

Electric Bikes offer people a way to think differently about the environment. The get people out of cars that are responsible for almost 25% of carbon emissions.

Cities like Portland, Oregon have added 250 miles of bike infrastructure and reduced their carbon emissions to the levels they were at 20 years ago!

  • A fun and easy way to ease the green burden

They are fun to ride and a cheap way to do your part in helping the environment. When you commute with an electric bike, it is an easy, comfortable ride that can get you to work sweat free! So you can avoid traffic congestion and parking, while helping the environment!

  • They are not only Eco-Friendly, but Useful

As well as being eco friendly they are also extremely useful. They help people to commute to work, get exercise, lose weight and run errands. They are particularly useful to those who may have injuries or baby boomers who want to get back on a bike but are worried about their cycling stamina.

  • Will electric power bicycles fix a perplexing environmental problem?
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Yes, electric bikes reduce carbon emissions, improve road congestion and get people to live healthier lives!

An electric bicycle is about 100 times more efficient than a motor vehicle.

In parts of the world, the transport sector accounts for around 25% of our greenhouse gas emissions. Electric bikes reduce greenhouse gasses emission and aid in solving global warming. This type of bike absolutely reduces your carbon footprint and is a fun and healthy way to get around the city!

By and large, electric bikes are simple to use, ride, and maintain. They require little maintenance beyond what a standard bike requires. Electric bikes are used for a variety of purposes, ranging from effortless commuting to pure leisure. They attract riders from all backgrounds, reduce our carbon footprint and add a new method of alternative sustainable transport.

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  1. […] Electric bikes in 2012 have improved a whole lot since the e-bike was first conceived. Electric motors and battery packs are now small, light and efficient. This means that electric bikes only weigh slightly more than your normal pushbike and they can be ridden on the electric charge for up to 30 miles. The benefits of riding a bike within a city during rush hours are not only environmental and economic, recent research suggests that cyclist currently arrive at their locations 20% faster than car users within the busiest cities and if 30% of road users gave up their cars for bikes our roads would be 80% more efficient. […]


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