Electric Car Charging Stations: Residential and Commercial Solutions for Eco-Friendly Driving

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Charging Electric Cars

With the number of electric cars being introduced this year – the Chevrolet Volt, the Nissan Leaf, and the Electric Ford Focus – there is one question remaining in the minds of the potential EV drivers: how easy is it going to be to keep my car charged? Whether the car is making a trip across town or across the country, drivers need to know they can charge their electric car anywhere before they will consider buying one of the eco-friendly vehicles. And thanks to a new electric car charging system by Siemens, there will be an estimated 974,000 charging stations for electric cars on the road by 2015.

Residential and Commercial Electric Car Charging Stations

The new systems being introduced by Siemens run the gamut from home-use to high-traffic areas like mall parking lots. On the residential side, the EV charging system will be small enough to mount on the interior of a garage wall. On the commercial side, 2 cars can be connected at once, and automatic billing systems will be included for quick and easy payments.

Finding Charging Stations with Smart Phones

If you’re driving on the highway and see a low tank in your electric car, you will be able to locate charging stations as easily as you would be able to find a gas station, with the help of your smart phone. The smart phone apps will also be able to monitor the charge of the car, and mapping the car for the best use of your battery charge.

The Fastest Electric Vehicles on Earth [Infographic]

Charging Stations and the Smart Grid

If you’re interested in learning more about how the two-way smart grid is going to work with the charging stations being introduced by Siemens, check out the video produced by Synaptic Digital below:


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