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The eneloop Bike Makes Its Debut in Hawaii

After winning the award for ‘Best of Innovations’ at CES 2010, the eneloop bike manufactured by SANYO and created in partnership with World of Green, LLC, is being introduced to bike rental shops all across Hawaii. SANYO’s intention is to provide vacationers with an eco-friendly and comfortable travel option when going on long sight-seeing trips around the island.


How the eneloop Bike Works

The best explanation is this picture below:

a diagram of an eneloop bike using the battery to drive uphill and charging the battery when driving downhill

As a “pedal-assist synergetic bicycle”, the eneloop bike charges the battery when the brakes are applied, working like a generator. In Power-Up Mode, that battery power can be used when you are traversing slopes or other rocky terrain that would require additional leg energy than you want to exert. If it’s just a long trip on standard terrain, Auto-Mode provides just an extra bit of energy to make your ride easier. However, if you want to simply use it as a regular pedal-bike, it can be. For these reasons, it makes it a perfect choice for tourists on long sight-seeing trips.


The eneloop Bike’s Tech Specs

The eneloop is a 26-inch, 3 speed regenerative bicycle with expected riding distances of 17 miles using the motor in “Standard” mode, 20 miles when charging the battery via brakes only, and up to 40 miles when using its full regenerative charging abilities (“Auto Mode”).


Where you can get your own

If you’re thinking to yourself, “forget vacationing, I want one for the city”, the eneloop bike can be purchased from the SANYO store for approximately $2,500 (follow this link for purchasing options).

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