Nissan and Electric Cars

Now that Nissan has had some success with their first electric car, the family-oriented LEAF, they have turned their sights towards a sportier eco-friendly model, called the ESFLOW.


Stats on the ESFLOW

The ESFLOW is designed with existing technologies in mind and, although it’s a concept, isn’t that far out there. It is a 2-seater, rear wheel drive with two electric motors that each drive a rear wheel. The laminated lithium-ion batteries are intended to be mounted low on the vehicle to achieve the best weight distribution, and it’s expected to be able to drive over 150 miles (240 kms) on one charge. Best of all, it will be able to go from 0-60 m/h in under 5 seconds.


When you can drive one

The ESFLOW is going to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2011, March 3-13 in Geneva Switzerland. Although it isn’t expected to hit the market anytime soon, Nissan is definitely going to use the ESFLOW to change the way people think about electric cars, and hopefully convince them to drive home one of their other eco-friendly vehicles.

Check out the announcement video below to see the ESFLOW in action.

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