OnStar Chevy Volt

Anyone who has used OnStar in a car before knows how valuable the service can be. Between hands-free calling, turn by turn navigation, and its automatic crash response and emergency services, OnStar can help any driver out of most roadside situations.

Now, to keep current with recent trends in the automotive industry, OnStar is debuting new features specifically for electric vehicle drivers which they are calling ‘Smart Energy Management Technologies’. The purpose of these new features is to help drivers of electric cars plan better, manage the use of the car’s charge, and overall save money.

Beyond simply monitoring the car’s energy consumption and providing feedback on conserving energy, the new features also include informing drivers of Smart Grid rate-plans, which will help drivers schedule charging during the lowest rate periods, and providing car and driver information back to the utility providers to identify the most-used charging stations and prepare for high-use scenarios.

All of the demonstrations of the new OnStar features will be done while driving the new Chevrolet Volt, which is the first electric vehicle with extended range capability. The demonstrations are currently taking place at DistribuTech in San Diego.

Check out a video explaining some of the new features below:

2011 appears to be the year North America gets behind electric vehicles, and now that new energy management features are being added to the cars, are you more likely to consider driving one yourself?

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