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There are many ways and methods to consider if you love going green in your lifestyle, so where does one start?

First stop for many is likely considering a greener mode of transportation, and that can be achieve by changing to a smaller capacity vehicle or using public transport, with a bicycle to help get you around.

What happens when you live in hilly areas like San Francisco, and you don’t want to end up at work as though you just ran a marathon, with sweat dripping all over?

Why not consider Greenlight Bikes’ line of Kalkhoff bicycles and e-bikes that are due to hit North America. While relativity unknown in North Amercia, Kalkhoff is one of Europe’s largest and most recognized brands.

These pedal-assist electric bicycles are also known as pedelecs or e-bikes, where they rely on an electric motor to supplement the power the rider applies to the pedals, resulting in a smooth predictable boost. It works in pretty much the same way as that of a standard bicycle, albeit throwing elements of ease, fun and efficiency whenever you run errands, commute or ride for pleasure.

Most e-bikes use either front or rear powered hubs and many of which require the use of a throttle. The Kalkhoff pedelec system seamlessly applies power from the centre mounted motor directly to the bikes drive train. The level of motor assistance depends on the amount of power the rider generates while pedaling. The inclusion of a torque sensor continuously measures the riders power output, while the motor delivers a pre-selected percentage of additional assistance ranging from 50% to 150% on top of what the rider is able to produce, ensuring your reach your destination sweat free.


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