Tesla Roadster

It can go from zero to 100 kilometres an hour in 3.7 seconds, without using a drop of gas.

The electric Tesla roadster has been approved for sale in Canada and will be available to Canadians, at least in the Toronto region, this spring.

While the price is the cost of small house at $125,000 (CDN) it takes three and a half hours to recharge completely and has a 390-kilometre range on a single charge.

The company has “significant” number of orders from across the country including buyers from Toronto, Southwestern Ontario, Calgary and the Vancouver area, Hans Ulsrud, regional sales manager for Canadian operations said yesterday.

Based in San Carlos California, Tesla is the vanguard of a growing electric-vehicle industry that is expected to grow during the next decade as regulations on fuel economy and emissions become more stringent in North America.

Mainstream auto makers are working on vehicles powered only by batteries and on extended-range electric vehicles that combine battery propulsion with a small electric motor. The extended-range category includes the Chevrolet Volt, which is expected to go into production this year.

The Toronto sales office will include a service centre, but the company will send technicians to other cities to perform service and maintenance on the roadser.



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