air way car

The Air Ray is here, and oil and gas companies won’t like it.

Developed by New Jersey based Earth Sure, the Air Ray is a car that will produce enough energy to power itself, and any unused power will be transferred back to your home reducing your monthly bill.

The entire system of AirRay is unique. The roof of the car consists of solar honeycomb-membrane panel which collects the sun’s rays when parked and when moving, and transfers that energy to the main energy storage system located in the back of the vehicle. The front hood of the car boasts three wind turbines which transfer air into electric energy and is then stored in the main battery. The remaining wind turbine is located on the trunk of the car, grasping at the airflow that surrounds the car when driving. Engineers have incorporated the vehicle with “vehicle-to-grid” (V2G) capabilities which will enable the user to transfer renewable power back into their home for use in their household or right back into the electrical grid to deplete their electric bills.

The initial AirRay concept car incorporated these features within a hybrid auto or traditional gas or diesel run vehicle. “Our final masterpiece of automobile will be solely electric powered and not have any need for gas or oil. The energy the car creates through the solar panels and the wind turbines will be enough for the automobile to run without the worry of losing power. Not only that, but it is a sleek looking car! The AirRay car not only turns air and light into energy, but it will turn a lot of heads too” said Raymond Saluccio, CEO of EarthSure.

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The final version of the AirRay car is a work in progress, however EarthSure has filed numerous patents with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office to ensure their car will be able to make it to market quickly once approved.


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