Fish & Chips Oil Running Diesel Cars in UK

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Everyone knows that the Brits love their fish and chips – and now there’s one more reason to: used cooking oil from the greasy meal is being collected and refined to power diesel cars and trucks. The process is becoming popular enough that hundreds of small plants are selling used cooking oil to motorists at 10% less than standard diesel prices. Although we’ve heard lots about vehicles that get modified to run on vegetable oil or other unique blends of fuel, this solution requires no modifications whatsoever. You can just pour the oil straight into the tank and off you go. Of course, most automakers don’t recommend using this type of fuel, as its impurities could harm the engine, but for only around $300 you can put a safety precaution in that heats the fuel and makes it safer for driving with. To find out how you can get your vehicle running off used cooking oil, check out Grease Car.

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