Green Cars: What’s Up With 3 Wheelers?

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venture one three wheel green car

Have you been curious as to why a handful of new green cars have been popping up with only three wheels? If so, AutoBlogGreen has found the answer for you. They’ve found two reasons green auto manufacturers have been flipping to the tricycle style: first, the aerodynamics of a teardrop shaped vehicle help fuel and energy efficiency immensely, making it a great design choice, and secondly, a three wheeled vehicle is technically classified as a motorcycle, which currently requires less safety testing before market. For a small start up company, it means they don’t have to smash so many of their models into smithereens to find out if they are safe or not. Is this a benefit to the consumer? Not really. But we can expect that, along with new 3 wheeled models, there will be new 3 wheeled legislation to go along with them.

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