Wal Mart Hybrid Truck

Wal-Mart’s trucking fleet is about to get a bit greener, helping to surpass its goal for a 25% more efficient fleet in the last three years. The addition of two new types of heavy-duty commercial hybrid trucks and two new kinds of alternatively fueled trucks will test the most efficient way to run the fleet. The trucks being tested are diesel-electric hybrids developed by Arvin Meritor and Peterbilt, and the biofuels to be tested will be an 80/20 mix from yellow waste grease, and another form of biodiesel made by the Environmental Development Group called Reclaimed Grease Fuel. Now that their goal of 25% has been reached, Wal-Mart plans to double their fleet efficiency in the next years – and with the adoption of new technologies and help from partners such as Arvin Meritor, Eaton, and Peterbilt, it seems like they are definitely on the right track.

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