Fill ‘Er Up At The Tree: Diesel Biofuel From A Tree

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It’s not a new discovery that there are some tropical trees that produce diesel clean enough to fill your vehicle with. What is a new discovery is the Australian farmer who’s going to be planting fields of the exotic seeds shipped in from Brazil in hopes of creating a biofuel farm. The farmer will be planting around 1,000 seeds over a hectare of land, and it’s estimated that a hectare of mature trees will be able to produce roughly 12,000 liters of fuel per year. These unique trees have even been reported to produce fuel for up to 70 years! Although there is a short time frame for the diesel to be used in once it’s extracted from the tree, once it hardens it becomes copaiba oil, commonly used in alternative medicines, and worth about $100 per litre in the U.S. It sounds like money might grow on trees after all!

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