Mercedes Energy Efficient Formula Zero Racer

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Mercedes Formula Zero RacerEvery year at the Los Angeles Auto Show, there is a competition for in the form of the Design Automobile Challenge. This year, the challenge was to envision the racing car of 2025, and one of the entries by Mercedes is the Formula Zero Racer to the left: it uses styles from a luge, a yacht, and an actual race car in order to create an energy efficient vehicle. Mercedes believes that in the future, races will be won depending on who was the fastest, as well as who was the most energy efficient. This car, for example, uses electric motors, regenerative braking, solar panels, a high-tech rigid sail, and coolest of all – a wind turbine made out of the classic Mercedes symbol on the vehicle’s nose. Visit Inhabitat for two more pictures of the extraordinary machine, and then start counting down until 2025 when we can see one in real life. 

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