Waste-To-Energy Plants Coming to Pig Farms

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Swine Piggy Pig Pig Pig You may remember a story about a revolutionary new waste-to-energy plant being installed in the Netherlands that will have chicken poo powering 90,000 homes in the area, and now Progress Energy Carolinas and GreenCo Solutions are looking to do the same thing in North Carolina, with help from a pig farm rather than a chicken coop. The switch to pigs instead of chickens is meant to take advantage of the large number of pigs in the area. The partnership between the two companies is one of the more interesting parts of the story, though – two energy businesses creating a Memorandum of Understanding, and allowing each other to share confidential information that may help the project in the long run. With the work of both companies together, we should expect to see these waste-to-energy plants instated in no time. 

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