Green GasolineA new type of fossil fuel that scientists are developing is actually not from fossils at all, but instead is a natural derivative of corn, grains, and cellulose found in the stalks of other plants. While you might be thinking that this sounds an awful lot like ethanol (it does), the big difference between “Green Gas” and ethanol is that your car won’t have to be altered to run on green gas – it is essentially the same as what we already fuel our vehicles with, except not made from crude oil. Scientists involved in the project believe that green gas will start showing up at the pumps long before everyone is driving electric vehicles. It’s likely that auto manufacturers will get behind this technology too, in order to save from completely redesigning their vehicles, or leaving current vehicle owners in the lurch when ethanol pumps start popping up. So, would you rather drive a car running on ethanol, or on green gas? 


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