This week, ENN has published a special report concerned with getting to the bottom of the question, “is hydrogen the fuel of the future?” Their answer isn’t a straight yes or no, but rather deals with the issues such as the high cost of producing hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, the lack of places to refuel a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle and the fact that most hydrogen fuel is currently being extracted from fossil fuels, making the end result rather futile. However, they do have hope for the future. If hydrogen fuel producers are able to extract their product using clean energy and renewable energy sources, the overall benefits of hydrogen fuel may be far greater than they currently are. And with states like California willing to start > GM to have 1,000 Fuel Cell Cars in California” href=”/?p=25″>popping up hydrogen fuel pumps in order to better serve their drivers, a hydrogen fuel car may not be as unrealistic as some people think.


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