Although the first release of the vehicles by new automaker BG Automotive won’t be hitting the market until late this year, this neighbourhood electric car may become quite popular in no time. In fact, right now BG is accepting deposits to reserve the first run of cars that it produces. Although the cars are a “true” NEV (Neighbourhood Electric Vehicle) – it maxes out at 25 mph – each charge will be able to last up to 150 miles. BG is trying to make a name for itself and beat the major auto manufacturers to producing an affordable electric vehicle and even though this one won’t be making it on a highway any time soon, a price tag of $15,995 doesn’t look too bad. If all goes well this year, BG plans to get a highway capable electric car on the road by next year – so keep your eye out, or if you’re already convinced, put your deposit down today. 


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